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ZelaTrigger is a technology designed for establishing the link between voice applications such as Amazon Alexa Skills or Google Actions and existing visual interfaces like apps or websites.

Our Vision:
A perfect multi-modal user experience

Voice User Interfaces like Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant are in the process of establishing themselves as the main communication hub inside our home environment. Being one of the easiest-to-use input media, voice will also determine how we interact with our smartphones and other visual interfaces. However, the necessary link to establish true multi-modality has been missing until now, a link that would combine the best of the worlds of speaking and viewing.

ZelaTrigger is a platform designed to create the missing link between Alexa Skills or Google Actions and existing visual interfaces like apps or websites. The platform allows to easily set up voice links, that allow to trigger external applications from within a voice user interface. The result is a well-rounded user experience that combines the power of voice as on input medium with the advantages of visual interfaces as an output medium - a choice set of products is often best presented in pictures.

With its technology, ZelaTrigger also provides one of the first real monetization opportunities for voice applications linking them at the right point of the conversation to interfaces that sell or advertise products.

ZelaTrigger provides the solution to three major challenges of the voice space - all in one

Voice Linking

ZelaTrigger allows companies to connect a user out of the voice user interface like Alexa to specific points inside their app or website. This allows to optimize the experience of the user by employing visual feedback at exactly the points when it is most beneficial.

Voice Privacy

For transferring highly confidential data, ZelaTrigger, provides a solution to send these data not through the respective cloud of the voice service, but through data centers that meet desired data protection requirements.

Voice Marketing

Following a strategy of content marketing on voice user interfaces like Google Assistant, companies can provide engaging and informative voice applications. With ZelaTrigger, it is then possible to provide a direct connection to products at the point when the user is most receptive to it. The interactive feature of voice user interfaces presents products in the way in which they unfold their highest attraction - in a natural conversation, popping up as a trusted recommendation.

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